What’s New in WordPress 3.6?

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1. Post Formats

Post Formats have been a feature highlighted brilliantly in premium themes, but not widely used by general WordPress users. A feature loved by users of Tumblr, it remained unused by WordPress users.

With no structure premium theme developers used their own custom implementations.


Thanks to the efforts of Helen Hou-Sandi and many others, Post Formats got a face lift. The new user interface gives more visibility to post formats and also makes it easier to use. Additional custom meta fields give more structure to each post format and provided theme developers more control in customizing their look.

With so many different custom implementations including use of plugins like Alex King’s Post Format UI Plugin, we can now expect a standard implementation by all theme developers.

The different Post Formats available remain the same as earlier, however for better structure, they now have their own custom meta fields such as:

Image Post Format:

  1. Image URL
  2. Link URL

Link Post Format:

  1. Link URL

Video & Audio Post Format

  1. Video Embed Code or URL / Audio Embed Code or URL


  1. Quote Source
  2. Link URL

2. Audio & Video Support

Self hosted Audio & Video support has so far not been one of the strong points in WordPress. A user had to depend on either plugins or custom implementations which varied from theme to theme.



Along with the Post Format revamp, Audio & Video display is also made simpler. You no longer need any external libraries or plugins. Thanks to the inclusion of the MediaElement.js library within WordPress, theme developers can now take advantage of this with much ease.



While uploading the video/audio or adding the media URL or embed code, you can now get a preview directly in the post editing screen.

3. Auto Save

Posts are now automatically saved locally. If your browser crashes, your computer dies, or the server goes offline as you’re saving, you won’t lose the your post.


WordPress 3.6 also checks your active session at regular intervals. If you get logged out or your session gets expired you no longer are redirected to the Login screen when saving a post. Now, the login screen appears in a modal window on top of the page you currently are on.

4. Post Locking

It’s now easier to know if someone else is editing a post. The “Take Over” option allows us to take control of the post and lock out the other user from the post editing screen.

A very useful feature especially for Multi-Author blogs.


5. Post Revisions

Post Revisions have received a much needed overhaul with a slider to move through history, and two-slider range comparisons.


6. Navigation Menus


Navigation Menus also received a face lift. The Menu page under “Appearance” is further simplified with an accordion-based UI, and a separate tab for bulk-assigning menus to locations.

Drop-down lists are now used to select which menu to edit, which in previous versions was done by clicking on a tab specific to each menu.


Small details such as the “Add New Menu” link on the “Manage Locations” tabs further saves clicks when you want to create a new menu.

7. New Default Theme – Twenty Thirteen

WordPress 3.6 will come with the new default theme, Twenty Thirteen. Very different from its predecessors,  Twenty Thirteen is a bold and colorful theme that takes complete advantage of the new Post Format structure.

Not only being a perfect theme for bloggers, it can also become a reference for new theme developers from which to learn proper theme development standards.


The theme also comes with new headers which are equally as stunning as the rest of the theme.


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