Tint: Display Any Social Feeds on Your Site

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Plugin Social Feeds on Your Site แสดงผลได้ทั้ง Post ,Page , Widget
Feeds Facebook , Twitter , Instagram , Youtube , Pinterest , RSS , Google+


How to embed into your self-hosted WordPress

If you want your Tint on the Sidebar of your WordPress

Download Plugin : Tint: Display Any Social Feeds on Your Site

Step 1 Download our plugin (http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tint/) and upload it into your WordPress Plugins with the .zip file OR search “Tint Social” and install it.

Step 2 Activate the plugin under the ‘Plugins’ menu inside the WordPress dashboard.

Step 3 Go to the Appearance -> Widgets, drag the “Tint” widget to your “Main Sidebar,” and change the ‘Site Name’ to the Tint site username you gave your Tint after signing up.


If you want your Tint on Post , Page of your WordPress

How do I make my Tint responsive?

Step 1 Create a new Post and click on the HTML option on the top-right hand side of the post.

Step 2 Configure the Tint using the tool to the left, click generate, then copy and paste your Tint embed code.

Step 3 Click “Stick this post to the front page” under “Visibility” before you publish it.


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