Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin Review & How To Guide

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Revolution slider plugin is included in theme, you can find installation zip file in theme folder ./plugins

Revolution Slider comes with these features:

  • Unlimited Slides
  • Unlimited Caption Layers
  • CSS Animation with a fallBack to jQuery
  • Vimeo & YouTube video
  • Drag and Drop layering

First step is to go to Revolution Slider Plugin and click on create new Slider.

There you can set and edit basic settings about slider like slide transitions, slide change speed, shadowing, responsivity, slide navigation etc.

Required are Slider Name and Slider Alias:

Then click on Create Slider and add sliders backgrounds from your gallery :)

After that go to edit slides where you can set up everything what you would like to add to your slides.

On the top (6) you have some basic settings (transition, slot amount, rotation, delay etc.). In section Slide Image and Layers (7) you can add (delete) new layers (text, image, video) (8) and they starting to sort continually with adding in section Layers Sorting (9). Just drag and reorder (10) them how you wish :)

All layers you can simply drag (11) and drop exactly where you want them on slide picture.

In layer params (12) you can set / edit text, video, pics, animations, position and css file ( (13) as well.


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