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iPhone 5 Basic Screen Component Dimensions

I almost didn’t post this, since there’s really only one dimension that’s different – the height of the iPhone screen. However, after the sixth time of having to look it up online, I knew we needed a new diagram – so here you go!

iphone 5 basic pixel screen dimensions



iPhone 5 Pixel Dimensions


  • All pixel dimensions include highlight or stroke effects.  For example, a 60-pixel high button is actually a 58-pixel high button with a 2-pixel highlight on the bottom.

iPhone 5 Resolutions size:

  • Portrait 640?1136 pixels
  • Landscape 1136?640 pixels

iPhone 5 Display

  • PPI 336
  • Color Temperature Warm
  • Color Mode 8bit RGB

App Icon

  • App Icon 120×120 px
  • AppStore Icon 1024×1024 px
  • Spotlight Icon 80×80 px
  • Settings Icon 58×58 px

iPhone 5 Nav bar : Portrait: 88 pixels high / Landscape: 64 pixels high

iPhone 5 Nav bar buttons: Portrait: 60 pixels high / Landscape: 48 pixels high

iPhone 5 Nav bar button icons: about 40?40 pixels (when in Landscape mode, it shrinks the 40?40 pixel icon)

iPhone 5 Toolbar: 88 pixels high (does not change)

iPhone 5 Toolbar button: 60 pixels high (does not change)

iPhone 5 Toolbar button icon: about 40?40 pixels

iPhone 5 Tab Bar: 98 pixels high (does not change)

iPhone Tab Bar icon: about 60?60 pixels


iPhone 5 Default Font Sizes

Default Font Eng : Helvetica Neue [Download]
Default Font Thai : Sukhumvit


Label Type Default Font Size Default Font Weight
Navigation Bar Title 34 px Medium
Regular Buttons 34 px Light
Table Header 34 px Light
Table Label 28 px Regular
Tab Bar Icon Labels 20 px Regular


iOS 7 colors – รวมโค้ดสีของ Gradient ทั้งหมดใน iOS 7 >> คลิก <<

iOS7 Color



iOS 7-Wireframe Kit

Download 900+ iOS 7 Icons for Free

iOS7 Screenshots

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